Quick Tips for Buying Robot Vacuum

I’m in love with my Robot, It makes flawless floor everytime I’m coming back home after long day

Madeline – Travel Blogger, Utah

Here’s some advice from Madeline After Couple Month Using Robot Vacuum

  1. Mapping your home – Consider whether you mostly have hard floors or carpet. If you have carpet, how thick is it? Think about pets as well — will the robot vacuum have to pick up kitty litter or thick fur? These are all important aspects to consider before you start shopping for a robot vacuum.
  2. Mind your budget – Robot vacuums with the latest features can cost over $1,000. Cheaper models are available for around $200, but be prepared to lose some of the premium features, such as WiFi connectivity or the self-emptying dustbin.
  3. Better With Apps – Some robot vacuums can be connected with dedicated apps. Apps are useful for monitoring your robot vacuum and scheduling cleaning sessions. These can also help with mapping out your home and creating no-go zones.
  4. Mind about HSLAM and VSLAM – If you invest in a lower-end robot vacuum, it will likely move sporadically and bounce off walls and obstructions in the process. Whereas, some medium and high-end models use lasers and optical sensors to guide them.
  5. Each Model Has Different Capability to Clean – Every robot vacuum performs differently. Some collect dust and debris more effectively than pet hair, while others might work better on hard floors rather than carpet

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